Arszilla Student Mathematics undergrad doing pentesting & malware analysis


I've been curious and interested in infosec since 2017 but never managed to set my foot in it as I lacked connections, guidance, knowledge, and path. Then, in early 2019 decided to change that and stop procrastinating; find my connections, guidance, and path as I worked my way around stuff. At first, I started developing projects written with Python and publish them on my Github. It was a great way to learn and exercise my knowledge of Python. During this time I joined The Many Hats Club where I met RagSec, The_Cyber_Viking, FenrirSec, Frootware and many more people that gave me the guidance, motivation, and aide I needed. As of September 2019, I've joined Backslash Intelligence Group where I've been assisting in intelligence gathering and analysis.

As I am writing this, it's late 2019. I can't say that I mastered anything but I am more knowledged about infosec than I previously was, pursuing a career and a path that I've been very interested in since I was a kid. I guess I can say I've never been happier, mainly thanks to all those people I met on The Many Hats Club.